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Esther Moriba sells fish at her stand in a local market in south

Esther Moriba sells fish at her stand in a local market in south Sudan: Small Steps Improve Lives
Esther Moriba sells fish at her stand in a local market in southern Sudan. She received loans from the Sudan Microfinance Institution (SUMI). In 2003 USAID helped establish SUMI, which offers financial services to small-scale entrepreneurs in southern Sudan, with an emphasis on agriculture, women, returned refugees and internally displaced persons. SUMI performs above international standards and continues to grow. Through borrower groups and salary loans, three branches in southern Sudan had disbursed nearly a half million dollars to more than 1,600 clients by February 2005. SUMI's repayment rate is over 98 percent with a portfolio-at-risk rate of less than 6 percent. Moriba is one of SUMI's first clients. With her first loan of $100, she went to Koboko, Uganda, to buy smoked fish and diversify her stall at the local market. Subsequent loans allowed her to buy a bicycle, allowing her to dispatch someone to buy fish for her.
Date: 2006
Photographer: Laura Lartigue / Chemonics

Source: U.S. Agency for International Development (0)
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